About Us

Our Story

AVERROES experience goes back to 2008 where founders started as Independent Management Advisors serving different clients in the Government and Public sectors in the areas of Trading, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Clinical, Sport, Education and Training & Development. In 2012 the Independent Advisors merged their efforts to form the AVERROES foundation.

AVERROES creates an advantage and values through organization assessment, performance management, innovation, change management and Leadership development. Our products and services are being delivered through the workforce that are highly qualified and with proven track record.

AVERROES offers customized solutions that best fit the local environment with the best practices and shared expertise of a global connection. What makes us stand out is our valuable commitment towards your organization. Together we can make your organization stronger, profitable and on the move towards a challenging growth. We take pride in our clients by guiding and helping them with strategic business decisions for the success of their organization.

We always take into consideration the environment, operations, competition, and sustainable development. Our clienteles includes multinational and regional corporations, public listed companies, ministries and statutory boards, government-linked companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.